WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS! When you become a member, you can choose which committee(s) you would like to serve on. Take a look at the different committees below. We can't do it without you!

Parade Entries

Market and secure Parade participant/float entries.

Follow up on all entries to ensure all paperwork and materials are submitted.

Aid in day of Parade events.


Float Committee

Design and build the float for the Parade committee. This is the float that leads the Parade!
Requires planning meetings and volunteers to plan and execute building.


Admin, Office Staff, Finance

Help the Board of Directors officers with collecting attendance at Board meetings, collecting budgets from sub-committees and the Parade overall (AP/AR), working with other subcommittees to develop monthly reports, etc.


Grandstand Tickets and Security

Collect the number of active members (the individuals able to enter the Grand Stand)

Collect and coordinate numbers of tickets required for sponsorship Contract Agreements for distribution. 

Work VIP/Grandstand area on Parade Day.


Historian and Milestone Membership

Work with older Members to continue recording, online, our history as a Parade.  
Tracking Membership years for recognition by Committee.


Legal Counselors

Review contracts for Media & Sponsorships
Help Parade with Bylaw interpretation
Provide insight for Marshals on day of regulations

Public Relations and Marketing

Work with major corporate & media Sponsors, negotiating contracts.

Market Parade to encourage and secure participants/floats.

Coordinate and participate in Media Week leading up to the Parade.

Coordinate communications for committee members and Parade participants.


Special and Community Events

Identify opportunities to engage the community beyond Parade day to secure new members.

Identify opportunities to engage current committee members to increase participation.

This includes events such as the Christmas Party, pre-Parade pub crawl, and general meetings.

Secure funding, sponsorships, and partnerships for event spaces and materials.

Work with City to obtain permits for Parade day.



Parade Day set up

Coordinating and aiding participants/floats on day of parade


Queen Colleen and Irish Princess

Secure sponsorships and partnerships

Plan and execute day of event

Volunteer backstage to assist contestants

Ride with Queen Colleen and Irish Princess on Parade float for safety