Parade Day Information

Here you'll find any current information concerning the parade as we get closer to parade day.  Check back often as the parade day gets closer.

Checklist for Parade Day
  • Arrive early to stake out your favorite spot!
  • The best place for families is at the end of the parade on Blake Street from 23rd to 27th avenues.
  • March is known for wildly varying weather.  It might be cold, hot, who knows!  Dress in layers and bring plenty of water.
  • To catch the parade entries full performance (dancing, full music sets, etc.)  the best spot is south of 20th avenue on Blake Street (which will be renamed Tooley Street for the Parade).  This is probably the most crowded area of the parade and is standing room only.  Folks will arrive as early as 6am to stake out a spot.
  • Have fun and enjoy the parade! You don't have to be Irish to enjoy the parade!

General Considerations and Information About Parade Day

  • Please refrain from throwing beads, candy or other items at the parade floats. The City of Denver does not want us to throw things off of or onto the parade floats for your safely.
  • If you have any questions, concerns or safety issues please contact one of our Parade Marshals, they have radio communication with medical and police assistance. Our Parade Marshals wear green jacket with our logo and many will be driving carts.

Parade Safety

The Public is our best defense against terrorism! "If you see something, SAY something!"                                                                                           

Don't hesitate to contact police if you suspect suspicious activity, unattended packages, backpacks or questionable goings-on.