Section 1: General Rules

  1. Follow the directions and instructions given by the Parade Marshals at all times.
  2. Drinking of alcohol by parade entrants is not permitted anywhere along the parade route. 
  3. Owners of parade vehicles shall ensure that such vehicles are insured as required by Colorado law.
  4. Motor vehicle entries will be limited to 10 vehicles per entry. Additional vehicles will constitute a new entry, assessed a new entry fee and staged separately.
  5. Parade applicants shall clearly identify a person or persons in charge of their unit who may be contacted by Marshals or other parade officials regarding parade rules violations.
  6. Parade units violating any of these rules may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee, Inc. (DSPDPC) be disqualified from awards and denied entry in future parades.
  7. All entrants may be subject to City & County of Denver Fire and Safety inspections and code enforcement and additional fees as necessary.
  8. Entry & Advertising Release: In consideration of acceptance of this entry, the entrant agrees to permit the DSPDPC to use their names and/or photographs, films or tapes of the units for publicity, advertising and commercial promotion, before, during and after the event, and gives permission to publish or sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs, films or tapes.
  9. The use of drones is prohibited in the vicinity of the parade. The parade route is a 'no drone zone'.

Section 2: Staging Rules

  1. All participants must enter Coors Field parking lot through their pre-assigned entrances. This information will be emailed to you in early March. Check in as directed. All participants must know their group unit number and staging street address.
  2. Only vehicles that are registered as being used in the Parade will be allowed in the staging area.
  3. Any and all materials that will be used on your entry will have to be on or in the vehicle that is in the parade when it enters the staging area. 
  4. Participants shall clean up any materials or debris left in the staging area by your unit(s). This applies particularly (but not exclusively) to units with animals.


Section 3: Parade Rules

  1. Parade units may perform only once for no more than 45 seconds in front of the judges/reviewing stand. Marshals’ instructions to resume movement must be promptly followed. Parade units are not allowed to stop and perform anywhere along the parade route.  All units must  keep pace with the unit ahead of them.  Close-up gaps promptly when forced to stop. 
  2. Children under the age of 5 may ride, but are not allowed to march in the parade.
  3. Parade units must continue moving until you have returned to the disband area inside Coors Field parking lot A. No stopping or unloading will be allowed prior to that, since this will cause congestion and delays in the parade. You will not be able to return to the staging areas (Lots B & C); ensure you leave nothing behind.
  4. As a safety precaution, no candy or other objects shall be thrown from parade unit. Items may be handed to children and other parade spectators by persons walking along the sides of the parade unit.
  5. Drivers of motor vehicles must remain with the vehicle at all times.


Section 4: Planning Information for Floats Participating in the  Parade


According to Colorado Department of Transportation guidelines, the following are the maximum dimensions allowed for floats entered into the St. Patrick's Day Parade.  

Maximum Length of a single semi-trailer is 57’4”

Maximum Height is 13’

Maximum Width is 102”

Section 5: Parade Float Safety Checklist

(per City & County of Denver, Department of Safety, Fire Department)

  • No lighted candles allowed on any floats
  • All floats must have a portable fire extinguisher
  • Generators must be securely mounted and a minimum of 12” clearance from combustible material
  • No portable gas cans are allowed on a float so generators must be topped off prior to staging
  • Generator exhaust must vented away from participants
  • Decorative lighting must be UL approved and rated for outdoor use
  • No smoking is allowed on any float
  • Decorations must be non-combustible or flame-retardant
  • Driver vision shall be 180 degree
    • If vision cannot be provided, spotters shall be used
    • Driver shall have view or communication with riders
    • Driver must have a valid driver’s license
    • All participants riding on open floats shall have solid sitting arrangement with handholds readily available to them
    • Any standing participant shall have a means to prevent falling from the unit
      • Secured safety rails (42” height) shall be placed on outside of float. Barriers or rope may be used
      • Children must be under adult supervision and seated at all times
      • Riders are to remain on float once the parade begins and at all times when the float is in motion
      • Throwing candy or other objects from a float or vehicle is prohibited