Parade Sub-Committees

 The Denver St Patrick’s Day Parade Committee is made up of over 300 volunteers and nearly 30 sub committees.  It takes a lot to put on a parade of this magnitude but no matter what subcommittee, we always have fun!  We can always use new members with fresh ideas and new perspectives. 

Gain Valuable Business Experience

Joining a Parade Committee is an excellent way to gain experience in many different fields of business like marketing, sales, magazine layout, event planning, web publishing, and public relations.  We mentor aspiring students in many of these fields and provide training and guidance to help them further their education and experience.

Make New Friends

There is something for everyone at all levels of commitment from just a few hours over the year to as much as you want to commit.  It is a superb opportunity to meet new friends, make new business contacts and be a part of arguably the largest social gathering in the State of Colorado if not all the western states.

Popular Committees

One of the more popular subcommittees is the Marshal Subcommittee.   The Marshals have the job of staging all the entries in the right order and running the parade the entire parade day.  We have members that have been doing this work for over 25 years!   Ask any one of our Marshals on parade day and they will tell you it is probably the most fun you can possibly ever have in a single day.  The Parade Committee organizes two pub crawls each year to advertise the parade.  Our pub crawls are tons of fun as we visit the local Irish pubs accompanied by the Michael Collins Pipes and Drums.  We have many other social events and gatherings throughout the year as well.   

Volunteering Rewards

There are many rewards that can come from volunteering for a Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee.  Probably the greatest reward is the immense feeling of pride and accomplishment at the end of the parade knowing that you and the rest of the team had a part in providing the largest and most entertaining event for nearly 300,000 people for the greatest city in America!

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