2014 Parade Route Information

There are two major changes for the Parade this year:

1. The Parade will start at 9:30am on the 15th of March, that is 1/2 hour earlier than last year!

2. We have reversed the direction of the parade! Refer to the map at the right for the direction and location of the entire parade route.


Checklist for Parade Day


  • This is an earlier start time this year, so you may want to consider arriving earlier to stake out your favoritie spot!
  • The best place for families is at the end of the parade on Blake Street from 23th to 27th avenues.
  • March can have rapid weather swings, from cooler to even hot weather, dress in layers and bring plenty of water.
  • If you want to see parade entries perform (dance, play full sets of music or otherwise)  the best place is south of 2Oth avenue on Blake Street (which will be renamed Tooley Street for the Parade).  This is probably the most crowded area of the parade and is standing room only.  Many arrive as early as 6am to stake out a spot.
  • Have fun and enjoy the parade!



About Us

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