Parade Line Up for the 2018 Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade

(subject to change without notice)

Line up Category Organization Name Entry Description:
H-01 HON Denver Police - Car Escort Police car escort
H-02 HON Denver Police Mounted Patrol Horses with riders  
H-03 HON American Legion Post 1 Color Guard 8  Color Guard Marchers
H-04 HON Michael Collins Pipe Band  Pipers and drummers
H-05 HON Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade President-Theresa Melaragno 1 Car for President, Board members march along 
H-06 HON Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee Float The Committee float is a semi truck with a long trailer, we will have a DJ, riders, Boy Scouts honor guard
H-07 HON Queen Colleen-Jennifer Richards and Court 6 Clasic cars for the Queen and Court
H-08 HON Luanne Nelson- Life Time Achievement Member 1 Car
H-09 HON Little Mister and Miss Shamrock 2018 Float
H-09A HON Dunakilly Management Group, Corp Pick up truck and 30 ft trailer float?
H-10 HON Grand Marshal-Kelly Jean Brough, President & CEO of Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce 1 Car
H-11 HON Mayor's Office - City and County of Denver 20 to 30 walkers, electric vehicle
H-13 HON Denver Clerk and Recorder 1 small convertible, 1 banner, 15 marchers
1-01 Denver County Sheriffs Department Honor Guard and Mounted Unit/Colorado State Sheriffs Posse Mounted Patrol, Honor Guard, K-9 Units and staff vehicles.
1-02 Bellco Credit Union - Presenting Sponsor  2 SUVs, truck pulling trailer, fun train, 75 employees and drum line
1-03 Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, Grand Marshal chosen charity We will have one of our ReStore box trucks and approximately 8 marchers holding up banners and handing out candy.
1-04 Colorado Emerald Society Pipe Band - 2017 Best Pipe Band We plan on having 30-40 band members marching in the parade.
1-05 Colorado Emerald Society 5 vehicles, (3 antique fire trucks and 2 police vehicles) and approximately 100-150 marchers
1-06 Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora Police officers and banners, police car possibly.
1-06-A Rocky Mountain Chapter of the First Marine Division Association We will have one truck Ford F350 with a gooseneck trailer one automobile and approximatly four marching banner carriers.
We would appreciate a position of honor since most of our veterans are of World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam Veterans and later confilcts t\that have coused some to have severe medical problems.
1-07 WICK SCHOOL of IRISH DANCE - 2017 Best Step Dancers Award winner We will have a pick up truck, large speakers and amplified canned music.  We will also have two banners, one at the front and one at the rear.  Both will be carried by parents.  We will have about 75 marchers.  
1-08 The Grizzly Rose - 2017 Marshall's choice award  6 door truck and a horse trailer,
Ram pickup with a flatbed and a live band
1-08A Denver's District 9 City Councilman Albus Brooks  20 Marchers and banner
1-09 GREEN GABLES ELEMENTARY - 2017 Eddy Smith Heart and Soul Award One large truck and tractor trailer (float) with children and adults riding on the float. Additional adults will be walking to spot the float. There will be canned music and a large banner and signs. No animals. Estimated 100 people. 
1-10 Colorado Clown Club - 2017 Best Clowns award One truck pulling a flat trailer with Clowns riding and walking in the Parade.
1-11 Whiskey Bar 3 Hundred Days Tullamore Dew, 2017 Best Commercial Float Flatbed trailer with marchers.
1-12 Colorado Parrot Head Club - 2017 Jim Eakins Best of Parade Award We plan on having a large flatbed float, plus 1 to 2 pilot trucks. One truck will lead the float, followed by marchers. Then we'll have the float, more marchers, and (optionally) a second pilot truck. (We are still working out if we'll have both trucks, but we'll pay for both now just in case.)
1-13 Infinite Monkey Theorum wine school bus w/ 1 driver and 3-4 participants. 
1-14 Colorado St. Bernard Rescue, Inc. - 2017 Best Animal/Canines Entry The Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue will have a Dodge pick up pulling a 32 foot long float. The float will be carrying 20 people and 15 dogs. The float will be decorated in St. Patty's day decorations. 
1-15 EQ Western Pack Burro Ass-Ociation - 2017 Best Equestrian/Western Entry 6-10 trucks and trailers. We will drop panels to Corral the animals out of the back of a few of the trailers. Where we were last year under one of the bridges was perfect up against a fence. We are looking at 20-30 burro each with a human Handler. To guide them through the streets of Denver.
1-16 KOSI 101.1 KOSI 101 will have about 7 people in the parade along with KOSI 101 KOSI bear! We will play the station while walking in the parade as well.  2 mini coopers
1-17 Fraternal Order of Eagles - Aurora #3224 - 2017 Best Dancers/Marchers 3/4 Ton Truck, 20' Trailer, 35 Marchers, Canned Music
1-18 Aurora Public Schools Combined Marching Bands Approximately 75 students - front of block is color guard with flags, then brass, drum line, and woodwinds. 
1-19 EQ The Greeley Stampede we will have a Hitch again this year which consists of 2 draft horsed and a wagon. 1 additional horse.
1-20 EQ Cheyenne Frontier Days, Inc. Stage coach pulled by six horses and two more horses with outriders
1-20A Colorado Native Beer 24' Old truck and marchers
1-21 Bennett School of Irish Dance and Heritage Irish Step Dancers Approximately 40 dancers and one truck and 1 flatbed trailer float with about 50 dancers/marchers walking and dancing behind
1-22 BrewHop Trolley Green Trolley, 30 feet long, 10 feet wide, 11 feet tall
1-23 98.5 KYGO KYGO Truck, music, KYGO DJs walking in parade, 4 cars
1-24 Friends of Retired Greyhounds truck and flatbed trailer (float) 12 foot), approximately 20-30 people with dogs, some riding float, some walking
1-25 Micheal Collins Division,  Ancient Order of Hibernians Approx. two dozen marchers, flags and banners, no more than  2 PU trucks
1-26 Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Possibly one vehicle, 25 marchers, would like to march in proximity with the Ancient Order of Hibernian Divisions.
1-27 Fr Joseph P Carrigan Division, Ancient Order of Hibernians Marchers with flags and banners.
1-28 Denver Auditor Timothy M. O'Brien & Denver Firefighters 858 We will have our banners on the firetruck with people on the truck and possible a few marching beside it.
1-29 EQ Wynkoop Brewing Company Once again Wynkoop will leverage the horse drawn carriage. We will have some employees on the carriage. It has two horses.
1-30 Stapleton Wild Life, aka Good Parents Gone Bad One SUV pulling a 15 ft trailer with multiple people walking along side the SUV/trailer. We expect 30-40 people
1-31 Alice 105.9 Float being pulled by a truck plus Alice 105.9 van playing music
1-32 Colorado Parks and Wildlife One 24 foot fish hauling truck with a driver and two or three passengers riding on the truck.
1-33 Wyoming Game and Fish Department We will have two large fish stocking trucks. These are 37.5 feet long and have a wrap showcasing Wyoming fish on them. We will have two or three other pick up trucks in the entry. These will allow us to display other information about Wyoming wildlife and fish. Alongside the vehicles we plan to have 20-30 people walking to interact with the crowd and give out things like stickers.
1-34 American Legion Post 1 Color Guard 5 Cars 
1-35 Premier Academy of Dance 1 truck
20-30 dancers preforming behind the truck.
Music played thru bluetooth speakers
1-36 Stranahan's Rocky Mountain Single Malt Whiskey We will have our 1937 Dodge Brothers whiskey barrel truck and will have 10-12 staff that will ride on/walk beside it; same setup as years past
1-37 Elitch Gardens Truck pulling Float
1-38 Offroading Subaru's of Colorado Group 1:
9 Subaru's
1-39 Ciorcal Cairde Irish Pipes and Drums Nine pipers, 4 drummers, a banner, and 1-3 flag carriers
1-40 Offroading Subaru's of Colorado Group 2:
9 Subaru's
1-41 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls We will have 2 vehicles, and several women on roller skates. The women on roller skates will carry a banner in front. If possible, could we not be placed behind the horses? Last year we were right behind the horses, which was difficult to dodge their waste when we're on roller skates!
1-42 Mile High Freedom Bands Entry is a marching band of approximately 50 people on foot including color guard, winds, and percussion.  No special requirements or vehicles included.
1-43 Yazoo BBQ Co Truck and trailer 50 feet long, around 50 people.  Catering  for entry. Thanks
1-44 Duffy Crane and Hauling (1) tractor/trailer, (1) pickup truck, recorded music, and ~10 marchers
1-45 EQ Hole In The Wall Gang Equestrian Staging area. Trucks, cars, horse trailers, and a big horse trailer from Sombrero Horse rentals.
1-46 Metro Denver Dental Society Large pick-up truck with towed flatbed decorated with dentistry and St. Patrick's Day decor. Sound system with dentistry and Irish music playing. We will have a team of volunteers in costume walking along-side the float. 
1-47 Rocky Mountain Star Wars Groups One truck pulling a 23 foot trailer with a float and 60 marchers.
1-48 Corvet Stingray Classic Car:  1979 Corvette Stingray (Almost 40years Old) = Bright Green
1-49 Offroading Subaru's of Colorado Group 3:
8 Subaru's
1-50 Knights of Columbus - Metro Denver Chapter 10 Cars
30 marchers
1-51 Our Lady of Loreto Knights of Columbus Council 12336 Led by the "Shamrock Corvette," the Knights are pleased to present their celebration of Irish Heritage.
1-52 Knights of Columbus Council 14398 Pick up Truck with 25 foot Trailer
1-53 Knights of Columbus Bishop Machebeuf Council #4647 Four classic automobiles and a large landscaping truck
1-55 Broomfield ? Frank J. Carroll Detachments Marine Corps League and MTN. View Young Marines Unit Two trucks along with flat bed trailers.  Total length is 60 Feet
1-56 Irish Setter Club of Colorado Approximately 10-20 Irish Setters and humans.
1-57 Homestead Fun'sters Our theme will be punk rock and motorcycle gear. Ages are from 10 years old to 50. May we be lined up in the early part of the 2nd half of the parade? We like to have loud fun music and have great speakers.  in 2016 we won the "Most fun float" in the parade which was a huge surprise and thrill.  We will have one track pulling a flatbed w/ the music and some of the participants and the rest will be riding scooters or walking.  
1-58 99.5 The Mountain The Mountain Yukon truck decorated and approximately 10 people walking with the truck handing out shwag.
1-59 Claim Jumpers 1 vehicle with 20-30 kids jump roping, a few volunteers to hold jump ropes and water. 
Vehicle will play Music for jump rope performance/routine
1-60 Chick-fil-A, Denver Market 15 Passenger Van (23 feet long, 7 feet wide, 9 feet high) plus 10 Chick-fil-A, Denver Market Cows/Wranglers 
1-61 Project C.U.R.E. A completely refurbished 1953 International Harvester (pick-up truck) nicked name Annie will be driven in the parade.  There will be folks in the bed of the truck and walking along side the truck on the parade route.  
1-63 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile The vehicle is 27 feet long (about 2 car lengths). 
1-64 Sons of Italy Lodge 2075 one Ford F150 pick up truck pulling an 18 foot float with people and sound. 
1-65 Dive Inn Tow vehicle is still TBD but hoping for a military spin i.e. a Hum V with two vets in the back.  We are going to pull a pontoon boat that will be donated to us for the day from a local marine dealer that we will decorate to match the theme of our bar.  Nautical, Nautical, Nautical.  We are also one of the top 5 Tullamore Dew accounts in the State and we will be coordinating our efforts with them to throw out Tully Schwag during the parade.
1-66 Aurora Police Department 1 Ford Interceptor. 
1-67 T-Mobile 28' Magenta box truck- will be playing  music from the truck (all enclosed)
1-68 Telemundo Denver We will have mariachi dancers at the front of our group followed by Mexican dancers called Chinelos, a mariachi band and two Telemundo Denver branded vehicles with our news talent and employees handing out candy. We will have an estimated number of 20 people including the dancers and mariachi. 
1-69 Ronnie Nelson Baked Batata Productions - 2017 Best Band/Musical Entry Float/Flatbed, Band, Music
EL JEBEL SHRINE   < OASIS OF DENVER>   SHRINER'S INTERNATIONAL  El Jebel Shriner's Parade Units consists of Motorized, Convertables, Dune Buggies, MotorCycles, Mortorized Calliope, Vintage Vehicles, Directors staff golf cart, Color Guard Legion of Honor, Antique Autos, Caddilac Club, Clowns with Bus,Radops- Radio communication vehicle, Motor Patrol (4) vehicles,  Keystone Kops with paddy wagon, Daraja mini-motorcycle 70cc, Family band pulled by truck w/trailer, T-Nobles min-model T Fords, Chanter's bus w/ singing Shriner's and Drovers Mounted Horse Patrol,  and the Parade Marshal of El Jebel driving his 96 Sebring Convertable bringing up the rear.  Units can take up to one city block for staging.    
2-02 Military Vehicle Collectors of Colorado Unit 1 10 vintage military vehicles averaging about 29 feet in length
2-03 Military Vehicle Collectors of Colorado Unit 2 10 vintage military vehicles averaging 20 feet in length.
2-04 Pedal Hopper 3 Pedal Powered Bike Bars
5-10 Marchers
2-05 Hefe the Bus 1966 21-Window VW Bus. Porsche Powered and gorgeous to look at.
2-06 City of Black Hawk 1948 Antique Mac Fire Truck with 2007 GMC Top Kick and 2006 Hallmark Gooseneck

Available for the Parade Officials
2-07 Polidori Sausage Small delivery van
2-08 Colorado Doberman Friends Foundation 1-Pick up truck with small flat bed trailor
25 Dogs- on leashes
35 people walking
1 pulled radio flyer wagon full of puppies! ( oh the cuteness-LOL)
2-09 KS 107.5 KS Vehicle truck decorated and approximately 10 people walking with the truck and handing out shwag.
2-10 The Pub on Pearl at Washington Park We will have a 24 foot trailer and a 2016 Ford F150.
2-11 McTeggart Irish Dancers Our entry consists of 30 - 40 dancers, who will march and dance along the route to traditional Irish music (pre-recorded). We utilize an SUV to carry our PA.
2-12 Mile High Jeep Club (MHJC) Off road vehicles (Jeeps, etc)
2-13 Cruisin' 1430 Cruisin truck decorated and approximately 10 people walking with the truck handing out shwag
2-14 Diana DeGette for Congress Convertible or antique fire engine (if available). Campaign signs and volunteers to march alongside. 
2-15 The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Colorado Fraternal non-political marching group that may have 5 cars depending on the weather but we plan on mostly having marchers.

If Possible please pair us with the Colorado Masonic family.  Thank You.
2-16 Cement Truck Ads, LLC (1) Concrete mixing truck. 4 additional marchers to hand out candy and beads
2-17 Comedy 103.1 Comedy van decorated and approximately 10 people walking with the truck handing out shwag.
2-18 Crimson Marque, second contact Mel Kelley flag corp, group of marchers 10-40, golf cart, float with tow vehicle, golf cart.
2-19 1940's Ball One 1940's convertible, one WWII Jeep, one WWII Motorcycle with Sidecar, one wrapped car and two giant Leonberger dogs:) 1940's music.
2-20 Boy Scout Troop 376 Color Guard consisting of:
(1) American Flag Bearer
(1) Colorado Flag Bearer
(2) Guards
(1) Commander
(10) Scouts and parents
2-21 Sons And Daughters of the Southside Irish We have a F250 truck pulling a 15 foot flatbed trailer which is decorated.
2-22 Greenbox Self Storage We will enter two Greenbox trucks (approx 20' long) that will be followed by our staff of GREENIES (marchers - approx. 10) handing out fun surprises along the way.
2-23 The Raven Dancers SUV hauling a 16' flatbed trailer and dancers on the ground beside and behind the vehicle. Live music will be a
traditional American Indian Drum group singing traditional songs. Dancers (12-20) will be wearing modern
pow-wow style dance regalia and dancing.
2-24 Max Media Denver Two station vehicles (one FLO 107.1 hummer H2, and 1 JAMMIN 101.5 ProMaster City van, both station wrapped) and a 26-foot stake bed wrapped in festive St. Patricks decorations. The live DJ will be mixing on the stake bed with other station jocks and staff. 
2-25 Mile High Jeep Club (MHJC) off road vehicles (Jeeps, etc)
2-26 Living History Colorado One WWII jeep and about 15 troops, all wearing WWII uniforms 
2-27 Lakewood Heritage Center Antique 1940 McCormick Farmall tractor and haywagon attached to the back. The entire setup is approximately 40' long. We have submitted this tractor and wagon in several years past. 
2-28 Plum Creek Kennel Club of Colorado, Inc. 2009 white dodge 2500 4-door supercab pickup pulling an attached 16' flatbed trailer functioning as a float. The trailer will have 2' high painted OSB panels around the entire trailer.  Participants with dogs will be on the flatbed trailer/float and walking adjacent to the flatbed trailer/float.  The trailer will be decorated with St Patrick's Day decorations.
2-29 T-Bar Cowboys & Cowgirls, Float/Flatbed Pontoon boat
2-30 Mile High Jeep Club (MHJC) Off Road Vehicles (Jeeps, Broncos, Toyotas, etc)
2-31 Foothills Young Marines 50 young people varying in age from 8 - 18 and 10 adults dressed in military BDU's - marching. Please put us in the first wave of the parade as we have other activities that we have to attend in the afternoon. 
2-32 Reed School of Irish Dance truck for sound, dancers marching
2-33 5280 Waste Solutions  1) 5280 Waste Solutions Employees will be handing out bead necklaces (10-15 people, subject to change and I'll reach out to you if it does)
2) Decorated 30 foot truck with one our dumpsters that is decorated with St. Patrick's Day Stickers 
3) No live music
4) No animals
5) If any of this changes, I'll reach out and notify.
2-34 EQ Lakewood Riding Club  Horses with riders, horse drawn vehicles will include mini horses and draft horses
2-35 Matthew Houtsma We will have 4-5 cars with a some people marching along side us.  We will have signs on the cars saying our entry is celebrating the lucky few born on the lucky day of 3/17.  There will probably be 30 in the cars and another 30 marching.  We will have some candy to hand out.  
2-36 Rocky Mountain Pinzgauers European military trucks, most are army green but not all. Some have 4 wheels some have 6. Very rectangular.
2-37 ISKCON of Colorado Hand drawn decorated float 18ft long (or decorated truck) plus 30 marchers and live music
2-38 Wee Lads and Lassies Family Childcare Home pick up truck with children riding in the back followed by about 15-20 marchers pulling wagons or pushing strollers
2-39 Lifeline Puppy Rescue, Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar  We will have an Antique Fire Truck with 5 people riding on it as well as 10 people walking behind it carrying 4-6 puppies.  The fire truck is smaller then a regular sized fire truck.  Our marchers include both Firefighters as well as volunteers from the rescue. We will be playing music from a speaker that will be on the fire truck itself. 
2-40 Mile High Jeep Club (MHJC) off road vehicles (Jeeps, Blazers, Broncos, etc)
2-41 High Roller USA A fleet of High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel trikes (pedal powered).
5 marchers.
1 logo'd minivan
May bring a PA on a bike trailer for music.
2-42 The EWMC of IBEW local  111 digger truck and Trailer
2-43 MAKEUP MADAME COSMETICS Cosmetic Company float. Float is 8x16 and we will have recorded music. No more than 7 people handing out candy and fliers about our company. Our vehicle is a Dodge Ram.
2-44 Aurora Firefighters Local 1290 Up to five fire trucks.  To include a fire pick-up truck pulling a fire edition motorcycle and a golf cart. 
2-45 MICS - Metropolitan Irish COunselors Society  A flatbed truck with hay.
2-46 RC Basement One truck with people driving remote control cars behind. 
2-47 Sambos Illimani Colorado USA - Bolivian Dance Group Entry will consist of 2 Decorated Vehicles. 1 carrying the entry's name and the other carrying the music for the dancers. The dancers will wear traditional Bolivian costumes including masks made especially for this performance. Also, we will have support/volunteer staff helping out with water, props and possibly banners. Especially for the fully costumed dancers.
2-48 Bar Louie Float deigned with Bar Louie & St Pats decor! That is all we know right now. Either float or truck
2-49 Super shock all star cheer  We will have 40-50 marchers a car and radio 
2-50 The Judicial Integrity Project At present, we'll be a group of 30+ people in matching T-shirts with some signage. We are working on a presentation of large (12-13 feet tall) puppet judges that we would walk down the street.  Whether we will use these will depend on our paper mache skills. We'll have someone on  each side of the street handing out an informational card.  We do have a truck available, but at this time we're not intending to use the truck,  We will have a trio of fife and drum players.  They've requested that we not be placed close to a band or loud music.
2-51 Lions of Colorado Colorado Lions, Multiple District 6, 30 Marchers
2-52 Renegades of the Rockies Recreational Cheerleading Cheerleaders, approx 40 of them, will be wearing black uniforms (skirts or pants, and tank or hooded sweatshirt), with big green hairbows. We'll have 2 vehicles, one in front of the girls (with our canned music), and one vehicle behind the marching cheerleaders.
2-53 St. Andrew Society of Colorado Approx. 50 marchers; banners; perhaps one vehicle/float
2-54 OBrien Concrete Pumping Concrete Pump, followed by tractor trailer.
2-55 Los Parceros 1 small school bus18 ft  and, pick up truck.12ft
2-56 Colorado State Patrol Two marked Colorado State Patrol cars and a banner.  10-15 walkers. 
2-57 Joyful Journeys Community Enrichment One decorated truck (most likely a dodge ram, cheerleaders, sports players, class participants dressed as chefs and artists and other volunteers handing out candy.
2-58 Fjellborg Vikings Two vehicles and one trailer, 15 marchers 
2-59 Public Safety Youth Leadership Team (Denver Public Safety Youth Programs) The truck will be decorated with green/gold,  carry hay bales that youth/adults will sit on during the parade. Some youth will take turns walking along parade route next to float to pass out candy/beads to kids along the parade route.  The youth leadership team will be dressed in green & gold.  The float will have a juke box  that will play pop and top 40 music.  We will hand out beads and candy along parade route.  20-25 youth/adults will participate.
2-60 Marla's Country Gold Sidekickers Theme-decorated 8'x 12' trailer with 6 - 8 dancers pulled by pick up truck.  Recorded music.
2-61 The Denver Academy Drumline 25 student musicians with drums
10 - 15 Parents / Support marchers
2 Banner holders at the front
all marching together in a block
2-62 Smiling Moose We will have approximately 8 attendees, a Moose Suit, a 25ft Inflatable Moose (on a flatbed), and a Lamborghini 
2-63 ARC Thrift Stores arc box truck with employees seated in the back, limo, golf cart and truck pulling a float with a live band on it.
2-64 Street Envy Motorcycle Club Motorcycles and a few walkers in front of the bikes carrying our banner. 
2-65 Denver Pub Sessions  Denver Pub Sessions is a group that meets at various Irish pubs throughout the week to play traditional Irish music. Anyone who loves to play is welcome.
2-66 ZURC We have a large flat bed truck that we are going to be decorating and bringing with us on the float. just 1 vehicle but its really long (20 ft bed).   15 Marchers
2-67 Colorado Sportbike Club 10 vehicles:
1 pickup truck, leading 9 motorcycles
2-68 Cornish family Decorated green and white 65 VW camper with 4 adults and 4 children in Irish costume.
2-69 Glendale Raptors Major League Rugby Team Members of the Rugby Team will be walking through the parade, playing some touch rugby, doing lineouts, mock scrums, and handing out promotional products and info to the fans.  1 Glendale Rugby Truck, may have Mascot
 15-20 players/coaches marching in the parade. 
2-70 Notre Dame Alumni Club of Denver
2-71 A Touch of Class Tree Service Inc.  One Bucket truck
2-72 The Sullivan Family and Wild Jackalopes of Berkeley Park Run Club Large pickup/truck with trailer. Additional follow vehicle. Approximately 40-50 participants.
2-73 Adams County Fair One pick up truck with Fair Queens, sheep, and children in bed of truck. Walkers handing out beads. 
2-74 Ms. Colorado Senior America Bob O'Haire is driving his 1966 Classic Mustang convertible.
2-75 Pints, Pots and Pubs We will have one truck pulling a 10-20 ft. flatbed trailer that will look something like this:
2-76 Drink RiNo Drink RiNo will have a float that represents the diversity of the RiNo district and celebrates the craft beverage makers in the neighborhood. The float will play recorded Irish drinking songs.
2-77 Lyft We will have 5 Lyft drivers' vehicles decorated with St. Patrick's Day decor and 15 Lyft drivers and employees marching alongside. 
2-78 Denver Animal Protection / Denver Animal Shelter We will have a uniformed Animal Protection Officer driving a marked patrol van, along with approx. 6-8 DAP volunteers walking alongside with leashed dogs and handing out favors.
2-79 Spartan College Aircraft Tug ( smaller than a car) Standard Trailer 19ft in length, as wide as a car.
10-12 people.
Aircraft Engines on display on trailer.



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