Laura FarleyQueen Colleen 2018 - Jennifer Richards.   

Jenn was born in Arizona and moved to Colorado when she was 8-
years-old. She obtained a degree in Music from the University of
Colorado Denver, which she has used to provide voice lessons,
travel across the country singing and even took her to Guatemala
to teach choir. Jenn is also pursuing a second degree in
Conservation Biology, with the goal of obtaining her Masters and
PhD. Her aspiration is to be a scientist by day, musician by night.
Jenn is happy to serve as Queen Colleen to be a reflection of the
hardworking and ambitious qualities of the Irish, get involved
with the local community and honor her Irish heritage





Brigid Sleevi

1st Runner Up - Brigid Sleevi


Brigid is currently studying Biochemistry at Colorado State
University with plans to research viral drug delivery, which
entails designing viruses to deliver drugs to specific cells or
areas of tissue. Her passions include skiing and rugby. She is a
third-generation American; her grandfather and great-
grandfather hailing from Ireland. Brigid is very close with her
grandfather and they have been dreaming of her becoming
Queen Colleen since she was a child. She was Second Runner Up
in the Queen Colleen Court last year. Irish tradition runs through
Brigids veins and she would be honored to serve as Queen
Colleen 2018!



Samantha Glenn

2nd Runner Up - Samantha Glenn


Sam is a Colorado native and earned her degree in Spanish from
Colorado Mesa University. She found her passion for Irish step
dancing at the age of 10, which led her to traveling across the
country to compete and later teach younger dancers. Sam has
always enjoyed the Denver St. Patricks Day Parade and
celebrating her Irish heritage. She was a member of the Queen
Colleen Court last year and is excited to continue spreading Irish
culture as Queen Colleen 2018.



Eleanor Garin - Queen Colleen Court


Eleanor is a fourth-generation Coloradoan with strong ties to family. She
earned her degree in Management of Food and Beverage Services from
Metro State University last May. Eleanor worked as a nanny during
college; a job that ultimately changed her life. She met a young girl with
special needs who inspired her to volunteer and help make a difference in
children’s lives. She plans to open a nanny referral business and shares
stories of her heritage with the children she watches. She would love to
be Queen Colleen to connect with her Irish roots and represent the
Denver community she loves so much.





Molly Warbington - Queen Colleen Court


Molly was born and raised on the Front Range and enjoys all
things Colorado, especially outdoor activities. She studied
Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder and attended
nursing school at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical
Campus. She now works at University of Colorado Hospital in
in-patient care. Molly is proud to be a redhead with freckles
and Irish roots. As Queen Colleen, and ultimately an advocate
for the Irish community, Molly wants to empower women –
especially young females – to embrace what sets them apart
and love what makes each individual unique.







Sarah Coyne - Queen Colleen Court


Sarah has lived in Denver most of her life and is a first-generation
American citizen. Her father came to America from Clifden, Ireland.
She recently completed her undergraduate studies at Regis University,
majoring in Psychology with a Neuroscience focus. She is passionate
about music and skiing. Irish culture is at Sarahs core and she is
excited to participate in the Queen Colleen court!








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